Breakfast in Bed


Happiness and Evil

There is a great lie that evil people are happy. Some common folk think that the rich and powerful who abuse other people are stealing happiness. This is not true, because “evil” people aren’t happy. Anger is a negative emotion- one that is harmful to its holder. If you see an angry person, take Hitler, you can be sure that they are not happy.

Perhaps we aren’t really competitors but co creators, creating a shared experience. Maybe the system in which one abuses another is a bad experience for everyone involved.

Happiness is not about cheating a dark reality, but realizing and living in harmony with the beautiful truth. The truth is that we’re all completely interconnected. To be happy I must love myself, and thus love you as well.

Don’t get dragged into the lie that the abusive are successful. Find the happiness within yourself, and we can start to help these people.

Fuck the System?

Yup, the system is twisted. Society is ill.

So “fuck it”, they say.

But why would you say that? Why not “fix it”?

Giving up is easy for the ignorant. Not being in the present moment and daunted by future tasks, we quit.

Then we wonder why we feel so defeated, don’t we?

If you feel something is wrong, do something about it. Now. That’s all you can do- whatever the step in front of you currently is, take it the best way that you can. Don’t concern yourself with outcomes that you can’t control, and your power to control your own outcome returns.

When we say “fuck the system”, we admit that we’re frustrated. That’s okay. Better though, for any of us, is to accept things as they are, and get to work to make them how we want them.

Some Portland Rhymes

Oh no, I missed a couple of days!

The aim is to publish something every day for a month. Oh well. Starting is the hardest part anyway, consider this thing rolling.

It’s really a good feeling to be doing this- I’m just starting to think about people even reading it… but it feels like I’m on the right path. Who know, maybe one day we’ll look back at this and smile 😉

I wrote these on a hike up/ longboard down Mt. Tabor today. I was contemplating writing a rap for Portland Forwards Spring Thing, and scribbled down some lines for fun.

Some Flows

Rapping is becoming an important form of expression for me.

I was excited as I waited for my friend Miles, a crazy good musician and fantastic lyricist, was set to come over for a cypher. One of my housemates boyfriends had moved in who happened to be a rapper, beatmaker, and owner of all the gear one needs. The three of us were all scheduled to connect in what was the first scheduled cypher at my house. With this excitement, I sat down and wrote a few bars. By the time I’d listened to this mixtape, here’s what I had.