Fuck the System?

Yup, the system is twisted. Society is ill.

So “fuck it”, they say.

But why would you say that? Why not “fix it”?

Giving up is easy for the ignorant. Not being in the present moment and daunted by future tasks, we quit.

Then we wonder why we feel so defeated, don’t we?

If you feel something is wrong, do something about it. Now. That’s all you can do- whatever the step in front of you currently is, take it the best way that you can. Don’t concern yourself with outcomes that you can’t control, and your power to control your own outcome returns.

When we say “fuck the system”, we admit that we’re frustrated. That’s okay. Better though, for any of us, is to accept things as they are, and get to work to make them how we want them.


Author: Dominic K

Lovin the dream

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