Happiness and Evil

There is a great lie that evil people are happy. Some common folk think that the rich and powerful who abuse other people are stealing happiness. This is not true, because “evil” people aren’t happy. Anger is a negative emotion- one that is harmful to its holder. If you see an angry person, take Hitler, you can be sure that they are not happy.

Perhaps we aren’t really competitors but co creators, creating a shared experience. Maybe the system in which one abuses another is a bad experience for everyone involved.

Happiness is not about cheating a dark reality, but realizing and living in harmony with the beautiful truth. The truth is that we’re all completely interconnected. To be happy I must love myself, and thus love you as well.

Don’t get dragged into the lie that the abusive are successful. Find the happiness within yourself, and we can start to help these people.


Author: Dominic K

Lovin the dream

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