Science can be a dangerous religion.

When I say religion, I mean a dogmatic set of beliefs that extends to things that have not been proven.

Science, actually, is a structured learning process, and is basically flawless. It challenges us to question everything, and prove something before preaching it.

Scientism, what I’m calling the religion of science, is the result of failing to carry out the scientific process. Some scientists get proud, lazy, and eventually stop questioning their beliefs sufficiently. What results is consensus in the scientific community that is incomplete. Some respected scientists, today, act like they’ve already figured it out.

Us humans, even the best of us, have not yet figured it out. It’s an amazing quality of us people that we always think that we are the chosen generation or something. Religious fanatics shout that the world is ending- for us, now. Aren’t we special? In the same way, scientific fanatics think that we’ve pretty much figured everything out. Not noticing that similar sentiments existed a century ago. The religious and the scientific are susceptible to the same basic human vanity.

Scientism needs humility because so many of humanity’s problems have not been solved. People are hungry, and uneducated, and miserable on a tremendous scale, despite the awesome scientific achievements of the last century+. One must admit, with so many undesirable circumstances, that the amazing scientific culture of mankind is not perfect.

Our application of science will be much further along when it has better integrated with spirituality, and found the benefits that the currently unscientific arena has been demonstrating for a long time. Meditation is one ‘spiritual’ thing that science has been catching up with. For a long time now, people experienced the benefits of silently observing the structure of their thoughts. A lot of scientists have finally measured, analysed, and scientifically proven the massive value of meditation. This makes little difference to those who’ve been enjoying the benefits of meditation for centuries, but finally, even those who require the current scientific establishment’s approval to experience something can enjoy meditation as well.

Science as a process if perfect. It holds no opinions. It’s only interest is truth. Humans are flawed, and our use of science is as well. Our ‘scientific’ opinions are flawed.

Anybody who thinks that they’ve already figured it out is in trouble.


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Author: Dominic K

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