Suggestions Not Necessary

“Bad People” ignore other people’s input, and therefore don’t understand the effects of what they’re doing.

I believe that it’s pretty rare for a person to do what they think is bad, and impossible for a person to do what they think is wrong.

People become “bad” by disconnecting from others, and adopting a narrow view of life. They still want to create, enjoy, and take care of their own- but when somebody loses sight of the big picture, they can start taking actions without understanding the consequences. That often means not understanding that other are being hurt by one’s action, and always means not understand that one is ultimately hurting themselves.

Dictators, for example, do what they think is right. The just have a unusually high belief in their own worth, and a low belief in the worth of others. They think that other people are incapable of making decisions as good as their own, and thus they dictate. It’s not that they want to ruin everything- they just don’t see the power in other people, and therefore disable it.

I myself became guilty of this. I basically decided that nobody around me was adequately addressing global issues, and therefore nothing their desires, thoughts, and ideas were basically inadequate. I just wanted to help people- but because I stopped respecting the viewpoints of others, I ended causing a lot of harm.

I know that you’re trying to do the right thing. If people are understanding your good intentions, it may be because you aren’t listening to them. Know that regardless of their strengths and weaknesses, they have the same basic power as you, and their unique circumstances give them strengths you lack. Set your ambitions aside for a moment, really listen to others, and your results may improve tremendously.


Author: Dominic K

Lovin the dream

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