Mind is a Vehicle

Image that your mind is a car, and you are the driver.

This car can get you wherever you desire. It can also get you where you don’t desire, if you neglect clarity on your destination or are lazy in your maneuvering.

What a wonderful vehicle the mind is. It requires a lot of upkeep, and if we take good care of it, we can travel to magnificent places.

That being said, imagine if you never stopped driving. Perhaps from time to time you’d slow down, or even idle, but you’d never get out of the car. Inevitably, you’d  spend a lot of your time driving in circles. Big circles, small circles- whatever it takes to stay safe while in motion. It would be harder to enjoy the places you travel to. Not having time to step back and reflect, it may cause you to rush the process of choosing your next destination.

This is how many of us use the vehicle of our thinking- unable to stop.

Thinking is our creative power, the thing that allows us to change our surroundings. However, thinking is different from enjoying where we are. We must be present and paying attention to what is here and now in order to enjoy life to its fullest. The mental concept of an experience is not the same as the actual experience. Similarly, driving through the redwoods to say we’ve done it and thinking about how we’re going to be able to brag to our friends about it is not the same as getting out of the car and walking though the trees.

Thinking is also tiring. It is the hardest work we can do. If we don’t take time to get out of the car, we will get exhausted.

So appreciate the vehicle you have. Take advantage of it. Just remember, you’re here to enjoy it, and if you’re always in a rush, you’ll never get anywhere.



Author: Dominic K

Lovin the dream

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